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 Author Julie A. D'Arcy  

If you enjoy Fantasy, Paranormal, and Vampire Romance novels with plenty of story, 

action, love, and lust, including sexy flawed heroes and beautiful spirited women who don't mind getting a little blood on

 their hands? You have come to the right place.​

Recent Publishing News

Great News!​ I have signed a new contract with 'The Wild Rose Press' to publish my Historical Paranormal Romance, 'Whispers Of Yesterday', in 2023

About the Author


Please feel free to check out my links and explore my website.

I am an Australian, and I live in Victoria with my two spoiled Oriental cats, Keilah and Sarsha. I have been an author for over twenty years and enjoy writing, making book trailers, watching Sci-Fi and Paranormal Movies, Gardening, and Gaming.

Someone also asked which of my books I like the best. This would be akin to choosing which of my children I like best. The only thing I can answer to that is all of them! My characters are like my babies, I create them, breathe life into them, grow them up, then have to let them go to stand on their own. 

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